Ode to Mornings

…I listened to the murmurs of early morning
the call to prayers of nearby mosques
the sound of pots and pans clanging
soon the sizzles of garlic and onion
with their enticing smell spiced the air

…and through my window
I see the tell tale signs of the sun
slowly rising up the horizon
majestically claiming its place
bathing the Rio Grande
with its soft warm glow
as if to signal the boatmen
to ferry eager people to start their day

…for a moment, time stood still
then the loud engine of the small boats
cut through the stillness of the water
disturbing its placidity
as its water sluiced through the cluster of water hyacinths
dotting the expanse as if shooing it away

…then everything burst
into a bustle of activity
and so has this soul
with a sleepy but contented smile
burrowed deep into the mundane
rhythm of everyday life.

…Cotabato has awaken to another new day.

20 August 2018
9:10AM, Cotabato City